At Schultz Shipping we offer more than one service – and we specialize in all of them. Below you can see more details about every service we offer.


We offer Ship-to-Ship solutions and we handle both tank and dry bulk.


Our experienced agents are very familiar with local knowledge, and offer 24-hour agency all year around.


Our customs-department is specifically trained and educated and very professional. Our personnel are train to use manifest, EMCS and ICS systems.


We have more than 90.000m2 under-roof warehouses available and a bulk capacity of more than 600.000 ton.


One of the main characteristics of Schultz Shipping is that our ship brokers are known as very competitive. That is one of the reasons why they will always find the best solution for you.


Our stevedoring consists of very competent staff, who always have good knowledge of any operation.

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