Kalundborg Bulk Terminal

Our group is the largest third party dry bulk handling entity in Denmark. We offer storage and handling of bulk commodities in Kalundborg, Fredericia, Aalborg and Grenaa and have more than two decades experience as storage owners. Recently, we have entered the Baltic market with a bulk terminal in Liepaja. In total we have more than 450,000 metric tons of bulk storage capacity. We primarily handle grains, feedstuffs, wood pelletsand fertilizer.

In Kalundborg the main flow is grain exports whereas imports and exports are more balanced in Fredericia and Aalborg. The combined annual turnover is approximate 1m tons. The warehouses in Kalundborg, Fredericia and Grenaa are highly automated securing efficient loading and unloading via conveyor belts and ship loaders, with a capacity of up to 900 TPH (tons per hour), 24 hours a day. Automatic temperature control manages the aereation of the products in the compartments so that the quality of the product is preserved under best possible storage conditions. Over the past years an efficient concept for bulk container handling has been developed in Fredericia. This has proved relevant for overseas exports of bulk grains and transit of malt — during peak periods, more than 50 containers with liner bags are loaded daily.

Since 2001 wood pellets have been bagged in Kalundborg. The investment in an integrated wood pellet bagging line in Fredericia and in Grenaa was completed in the autumn 2007. We offer bagging via own bagging line of e.g. grain, fertilizer, wood pellets, salt etc. in 5-50 kgs plastic bags with a capacity of approx. 1,200 bags per hour. Big bags can also be handled.

The Aalborg Bulk Terminal is the third player in this unique partnership in bulk handling. Here, we are mostly devoted to handling grain and wood pellets but will readily take care of other products as well. The port can load and/or discharge up to 500 tons per hour and has a full service warehousing capacity of approximated 35,000 metric tons.

The Dan Store bulk terminal in Liepaja, Latvia, serves as an important outlet for agricultural export from the Baltics, Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus . At the same time Dan Store is main import terminal for animal feedstuffs to the region. The port can load and/or discharge up to 700 tons per hour and has a warehousing capacity of approximated 62,000 metric tons.



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